Gallery2 not in Debian 5.0?!

When I upgraded to Debian 5.0 lately I noticed that there is no Gallery2 package anymore in Lenny. So I asked the Debian maintainer about this.

Here’s what he replied:

Gallery 2 is not available in Lenny due to large amount of differences between the previous version and 2.3-1 from unstable. The release team and I decided not to include Gallery 2 in stable due to this disruptive change late in the release process. The gallery2 package from sid can be installed via pinning.

WTF?! 🙁

2 thoughts on “Gallery2 not in Debian 5.0?!”

  1. WTF?! indeed. I’ve been running Debian and Gallery then Gallery2 for years. I was gobsmacked that there was no Gallery2 in Lenny and so very little news about it. I’m glad I checked the apt-get output before upgrading as I was shocked to see that gallery2 was going to be un-installed. Nice one, not. Pinning to sid is poor IMO, Debian is supposed to be a stable, fire and forget deployment.

    Perhaps its time to move to Ubuntu ?

  2. @Peter: In the meantime I upgraded gallery2 to the “testing” (Squeeze) version 2.3-1. The upgrade was painless, and it’s running very smoothly. Let’s hope that this package doesn’t break in the future by some changing dependencies to packages unavailable in “stable”… 🙁

    I can’t imagine moving to Ubuntu. I fear that I might lose the stability and robustness that Debian is now giving me since almost 10 years(?)… But I might as well just try it out in an OpenVZ virtual machine… 🙂

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