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Firefox 29 “Sync” nightmare

The — as I later found out — completely revamped “Sync” feature in Firefox 29 caused me a lot of grief yesterday, and I wasted more than 3 hours due to it. :-(

The issue started after I had to set the system time back on one of my Macs which I hadn’t used for a couple of weeks, so the Firefox data on that machine was outdated and not in-sync with the other machines synced to the same Firefox Sync account. Not sure whether setting the date back was the root cause, but anyway… I suddenly noticed that I had old passwords on another machine, too. Obviously it had received them via Firefox “Sync” from said Mac.

So, what to do?

I first cleared the data stored in my Firefox Sync account by logging on to the old account management (, to make sure that the outdated passwords do not propagate to more machines.

I then disassociated the machines that had already received the outdated passwords from Firefox Sync.

Afterwards I wanted to add the device back the same way I did when adding a new machine in the past. But it didn’t work as it used to work. No way I could display the sync code I needed to enter on the “master” machine. :-(

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SIM Card Slot design issue

I was recently fooled by a bad design of a SIM Card Slot that fooled me to insert the SIM with a 180° wrong orientation.

If you look at the picture below you will probably agree that it’s easy to get it wrong because the visual design easily makes you believe the angled edge of the SIM card should be at the top. This is also what I thought, but the handset didn’t recognize the SIM afterwards.


So I had another look and found that I put in the SIM in the wrong direction. If you look closely you will notice that there is even an illustration that shows how to insert the SIM, but the visual design of the slot is “stronger” so that it attracts your view and fools you.

The morale is: If you design such things keep an eye on design elements that can fool users.