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Apple’s Safari for Windows finally usable…

I’ve just installed Safari Beta 3 about half an hour ago, and so far I’m pretty impressed.

Other than previous versions I’ve tried under Windows, this one is finally usable, pretty stable, and also compatible to most sites I’m regularly visiting, including comdirect’s brokerage website (which has an unfamous record of “shutting out” unwanted browsers or even browser versions.) Moreover, it is fast — I can’t tell whether it’s the “fastest browser available,” as Apple says, but it seems to render pages quite quickly compared to Firefox, according to my first subjective impressions.

BTW, I’ve written this blog entry using Safari, and even WordPress’ Web 2.0 features are working absolutely smoothly. 🙂

Update: I noticed that for some strange reason, WordPress “swallows” line breaks in posts submitted using Safari, so I had to re-edit this post using Firefox. 🙂

iTunes rantings…

What makes Apple computers so popular is their supposedly intuitively-to-use software. I have to admit that I can’t comment on “native” (read: MacOS) Apple software, but I can comment on Apple’s Windows software and my comments aren’t exactly favorable…

A few days ago, I installed Apple’s latest iTunes software for Windows. I had already played around with a previous version of iTunes (4.x I think) which I didn’t like very much then, because it was “sluggish” even on fast computers (because it obviously didn’t make use of multithreading so it blocked every now and then,) not very well integrated into the Windows desktop, etc.

Unfortunately Apple didn’t make their homework. iTunes still is very sluggish to use (at least on my 1.2 GHz, 1 GB RAM machine,) and it’s also not very intuitive to use. Let me give you an example: I configured iTunes not to use the “1-click buy” feature, but to use a shopping cart. I bought a song and wanted to download it. I searched around, but couldn’t find the shopping cart, no matter where I looked. I finally found it in a different iTunes window, that was laying around under the current window. Hey, is this intuitive???

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Look, Ma, I’ve got an iPhone… ;-)

Not! 🙂

Seriously, now. A colleague today brought his iPhone with him, and I had the chance to briefly (read “one minute”) play with it. Here’s me holding it in my hand:

I was astonished how large and heavy it is, compared to my SonyEricsson W880i. It felt very “solid,” tho (or probably just because of this ;-)). My colleague usually wears it in his trouser’s back pocket. The display was excellent — very brilliant and “crispy.”

We had a presentation about the Greenphone some colleagues are developing software for, and in a short break I had a minute to look at the iPhone. No more, or else I would be able to write more about it.