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Family reunion ;-)

Yesterday, we met with my “cousin” Brigitte from Florida and her husband, Lyle. “We” meaning Mona, her parents, and I. I put the word “cousin” in double quotes because she’s not really a cousin of mine, but the daughter of my dad’s cousin.

I’ve already visited her twice in Riverview, which is in Hillsborough County, about 15 mls. from Tampa. Last time (in Oct. 2004) I brought Mona with me. Mona’a dad promised Brigitte to invite them to a coffee, probably to thank them for inviting Mona to their home. We met at 6 PM in Cologne, just in front of the cathedral, and because it was already so late, we went into genuine Cologne pubs instead, the Früh and the Gaffel’s.

We had a great evening, enjoying the Kölsch beer and some fine meals. It was some 25 years since Lyle last was in Cologne, and he is a great lover of Kölsch beer, so he couldn’t get enough of it. 🙂

Anyway, Brigitte and Lyle will fly back to Florida on Saturday. But it won’t take long until we meet again — remember that I wrote earlier that we’re gonna fly to Florida in late September, so it’s only a few weeks until then… 🙂