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Grub and root on partitionable RAID1 array

To make a long story short — don’t do it, it won’t work. 🙂

And now the long version of the whole story. The following applies to Debian 4.0 aka “Etch,” but it’s not specific to Debian, since the principles of the whole procedure is the same on all Linux distributions.

For the first time I wanted to use a partitionable RAID1 array, because I wanted to spare myself the trouble of creating multiple partitions on both drives which would then be combined to individual RAID1 arrays. Instead I would have to create a single partitionable RAID1 array and partition it afterwards.

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A somewhat nightmarish Debian upgrade…

You might remember that I while ago I wrote a post about upgrading my office test-server from Debian Sarge to the almost-ready Etch, and that everything went as smoothly as I’m used to Debian distro-upgrades.

Well, on 2007-04-10 I upgraded my personal production server (that also hosts this blog) to the finally-released Debian 4.0, code-named “Etch.” I sticked pretty closely to the release notes, which always is a good idea even if you’re an experienced user.

At first, all seemed to go well. I performed the pre-upgrade step to pull in the new libc6, and afterwards performed the dist-upgrade that pulled in the remaining packages to be upgraded or to be newly installed in order to satisfy dependencies.

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Debian distro upgrade to Etch

A few days ago I upgraded my personal Debian server in the office from Sarge to Etch, considering that it’s only approximately two weeks until Etch will be officially released, and I wanted to be prepared for what’s to come when I upgrade other (important!) boxes to Etch.

As always I was amazed about how smoothly the upgrade went. I used

apt-get dist-upgrade

to upgrade the box. APT downloaded about 300 packages, if I remember correctly. In the configuration phase that occurred afterwards, it asked me the usual couple of questions about some of the packages in case the existing configuration files didn’t contain all the necessary settings, or in case I had changed config files for which a new version is available in Etch.

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