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Apple’s Safari for Windows finally usable…

I’ve just installed Safari Beta 3 about half an hour ago, and so far I’m pretty impressed.

Other than previous versions I’ve tried under Windows, this one is finally usable, pretty stable, and also compatible to most sites I’m regularly visiting, including comdirect’s brokerage website (which has an unfamous record of “shutting out” unwanted browsers or even browser versions.) Moreover, it is fast — I can’t tell whether it’s the “fastest browser available,” as Apple says, but it seems to render pages quite quickly compared to Firefox, according to my first subjective impressions.

BTW, I’ve written this blog entry using Safari, and even WordPress’ Web 2.0 features are working absolutely smoothly. 🙂

Update: I noticed that for some strange reason, WordPress “swallows” line breaks in posts submitted using Safari, so I had to re-edit this post using Firefox. 🙂