Cisco VPN install nightmare on Vista

Here’s another Cisco VPN client nightmare for you:

The old 4.9.x.x Cisco VPN client does’t run under Vista anymore. So I downloaded the most current version our organization has available, I started the installer and pretty quickly received an error message that simply said: “Internal Error 2738″.

I thought maybe the install file was corrupt, so I redownloaded it — same error.

Now I read the readme file (which I normally don’t do ;-)) It said you need a Microsoft hotfix in order to be able to install the VPN client. So I downloaded that one as well and retried the installation after rebooting the machine — same error message agin.


So I googled for this problem and quickly came across this website — which indeed fixed the problem for me.

Thanks, Microsoft, for making such a lousy job of not registering said DLL. And thanks, Cisco, for not pointing your customers to this problem.

Gaaaawd, how I hate monopolies…

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