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Making Paper dragons 🐉

Hello! A couple of days ago, I made some amazing paper dragons! Let me tell you about it!😁

First, I took a piece of paper to make the base. It’s really easy! 😎 After I folded the paper pieces and glued all together, I drew the design. It was a beautiful pumpkin! 🎃 It perfectly fits with Halloween! đŸ‘» I coloured the design and glued it on the base. And voila! I’ve got a cute tiny paperdragon! 🐉 After I was finished with that, I took my phone and made a video with my new dragon. A Halloween special! 🎃

My Halloween dragon, his name is Pumpkin.

I posted the video and waited. Sadly my video didn’t get lot’s of likes.😔 But I had fun, and that’s the most important!đŸ€Ș I also made a tornado dragon!

My tornado dragon, his name is Tornado.

For that one, I made a video, too. I really like pretty paper dragons. Making them is my hobby.

I hope you liked my blog! Bye, and try to make some paper dragons, too!đŸ˜ŠđŸ«¶