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Securely erase Drives on Synology NAS

I had to erase an external hard drive, a WD My Book, because I had to return it due to defects. So I searched on the web how to do that on a Synology DS916+ NAS, but I could not easily find the solution. Therefore I did a more generic search how to do it under Linux, and came across the tool “shred” which I had used years ago for the last time.

I checked on my NAS, and the tool was readily available. So I ran the following command to securely erase the (external) hard drive:

 shred /dev/sdq1

Hope this helps people who need to accomplish the same.

Data Privacy issue: Your Android phone might leak your IMEI…

Just played around with a new home router and noticed that my HTC Desire S Android phone sends the following hostname when requesting an IP address with DHCP in a wireless network:


Why is this is a problem? Because the trailing part of that hostname is your IMEI, which is a unique number identifying your device. It’s normally only seen on radio-network level, so can normally be considered “private” (because your operator can’t disclose it to anyone).

The IMEI also contains a component called “TAC” (type allocation code) which identified the exact handset model you have.

So if you regularly visit Internet cafes or the like, these guys know how often and when you are there.

Please let me know whether you consider this a problem or not — I do think it is one.