Mongolian BBQ…

Have you ever had a BBQ? I bet you have.

But have you ever had a Mongolian one??? I bet you haven’t. 🙂

I’ve been to Mongo’S Restaurant yesterday with my colleagues from our integration team. We had a great evening, and the dinner was excellent.

So what’s so special about a Mongolian BBQ? First, you choose one of 8 marinades. You then choose among a great variety of veggies, fixings, meat, and fish, and put it all into a bowl. You then hand the bowl to the cook. Everything gets roasted on a hot stone plate. The waiter then brings your bowl back to your table. And then it’s your turn: Eat it all up! 🙂

They have some quite unusual sorts of meat and fish there. Among others, I had kangaroo and zebra filet, tilapia (some sort of perch,) and surimi. I’ve never tasted these before, but I liked everything I tasted apart from zebra, which I found to be very stringy.

Overall, I can absolutely recommend this restaurant.

2 thoughts on “Mongolian BBQ…”

  1. You had Surimi? That “fake crab stick” stuff? Which is also very common with Sushi connoisseurs? Why is it, then, that I still can’t get you to give Oishii a try, darn it? 😉

  2. Hey, the thing is that all the stuff at Mongo’S was *grilled*. I just hate the idea of eating raw fish or seafood.

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