Vodafone Mobile Connect Card

Some days ago, I got myself another toy — our Vodafone Mobile Connect Card. That’s a UMTS/GPRS CardBus (PCMCIA) card for laptops.

I use it on my way between my home and the office, while I sit in the train. I can surf the Internet, read mail, or chat with my friends. I also have a VPN client installed, that, together with an RSA SecurID token, I can use to connect to the office network, to access files or my company e-mail.

The great thing is that our UMTS network is already pretty well developped, so that I have a bandwidth available that is almost comparable to that of a DSL line. And even in places where we don’t have UMTS coverage, I can use our 2.5G network (GPRS over GSM) to surf with a somewhat limited speed.

Based on the experience I’ve made during the last few days, I can absolutely recommend our MCC card to any mobile “road-warriors.”