How to convert a techie into a marketing guy… ;-)

We had an all-hands meeting yesterday where our CTO announced another re-org. From April, 1st on (and that’s no April fool’s joke!) our department will be relocated from our company’s technology branch to the marketing branch.

At first this sounded strange, but on second thought this might even be quite a clever move and also of benefit to both the marketing guys and us.

As a small team who specialize in quickly turning our marketing colleagues’ ideas into software and run it as pilots which can then be provided to our end customers, we probably benefit from working closer with the marketing guys. Not only will the increased level of cooperation lead to improved communication (and thusly less “friction”) between the project partners, but we as a team will probably be better off finance-wise (remember, it’s the marketing guys who got all the money! 🙂 ).

Anyway, it will be much harder in the future to laugh about the Dilbert jokes if you’re part of marketing yourself as an engineer. 😉

Finally, since we were told we will be “marketing guys” soon, a colleague passed around the following video on YouTube. Unfortunately it’s in German, so it’s only of value to some of you, but if you are fluent in German be sure to watch the video, it’s much fun:


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