Warning to install latest firmware version for LG BP430 BluRay player

A couple of days I was offered a firmware update by my LG BP430 BluRay player (German site), which I installed immediately when I noticed the update. The update process went ok, flashing finished with no (obvious) errors.

Today my wife told me that the device suddenly doesn’t play any DVDs any longer. They screen just stayed white, without the DVD being played. Also, some videos from my NAS don’t play anymore via DLNA.

I called LG support in Germany, but they’re not yet aware that the latest firmware seems to break things. They made me aware that on their website there’s still an old version available, but at the same time they said their technicians say you can’t downgrade.

Before I would send back the player to Amazon (it’s only one month old), I tried whether you can downgrade the firmware anyway — and yes, you can. After I downgraded from the bad version BD3.412.40122.C to the older version available on LG’s site (BD2.817.30806.C/Date:2013.08.19) all was fine again.

So, beware before you upgrade to said version. I would definitely wait until a more recent version becomes available.

One thought on “Warning to install latest firmware version for LG BP430 BluRay player”

  1. I’ve read your blogposts about the firmware of the LG BP430. I also got some problems with the new firmware as it introduced a new layout for netflix. The new layout is incredibly slow and when playing a netflix video subtitles are out of sync. Highly recommend not to update to this new version.

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