Avira can’t get their DNS Setup right

Since many months I’m seeing the following issue with Avira‘s DNS setup, and I’m thinking it’s extremely embarassing for a company working in IT Security not to even get the basics right… 🙁

This is what I’m seeing:

named[2597]: DNS format error from resolving dl4.pro.antivir.de/AAAA for client Name avira-update.net (SOA) not subdomain of zone antivir.de -- invalid response

So what does that mean?

Let’s have a look at which nameservers Avira are using anyway:

$ dig -t ns antivir.de

antivir.de.        3600    IN    NS    ns13.avira-ns.net.
antivir.de.        3600    IN    NS    ns10.avira-ns.de.
antivir.de.        3600    IN    NS    ns9.avira-ns.net.
antivir.de.        3600    IN    NS    ns12.avira-ns.de.
antivir.de.        3600    IN    NS    ns14.avira-ns.de.

ns10.avira-ns.de.    86400    IN    A
ns12.avira-ns.de.    86400    IN    A
ns14.avira-ns.de.    86400    IN    A

Ok, so in the error message quoted above is indeed one of the nameservers for domain antivir.de.

So let’s look up the IPv6 address record (AAAA) for dl4.pro.antivir.de on the given nameserver:
$ dig @ -t AAAA dl4.pro.antivir.de

avira-update.net. 3600 IN SOA ns1.avira-ns.net. domains.avira.com. 2015010301 10800 3600 2419200 3600


Why are they returning a domain name that is not a subdomain of the original domain?! That’s an error.

And it’s especially embarassing as this is the update URL for Avira’s AntiVir product. Again remember we’re talking about a security firm here!

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