MeiKe/Neewer LCD Battery Grip: time lapse shooting

I recently got myself a battery grip for my Canon EOS 550D from Amazon.

It has a really cool feature, namely to create time-lapse shots. However the “manual” that came with it is not really helpful trying to understand how to set it up. It really took me quite some time to figure it out…

So let me briefly explain what the four time settings mean:

  • Delay: the time that expires until execution of the series begins.
  • Long: how long the shutter will be pressed. Must be greater than 0 sec, I normally use 1 sec.
  • Interval: the time between shots in a series.
  • N: the number of shots in a series.

If this is helpful, please let me know.

In case you’re interested in buying this battery grip, please have a look on Amazon:

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