Custom paper sizes in Windows…

My girlfriend and I are currently designing a greeting card. The cover of the greeting card will be made using “embossing technique,” and the inlay will be made from a sheet of parchment that we will print using my good, old, trusted HP LaserJet 5MP.

What sounds like an easy job (printing the sheet of parchment) turned out to be not-so-easy. The problem is that the sheet of parchment we bought in a crafting shop is not a standard DIN format, and that the printer driver for my LJ 5MP didn’t seem to allow me to create custom paper formats. No matter how hard I searched for a menu that would allow me to do that, I didn’t find any.

So I used Google to search for this particular problem, and it took me quite a while until I came up with the following solution:

If you can't find your paper size in your printer's list, you'll have to
create a custom paper format for it. Open control panel, go to printers,
select you printer and click File -> Server Properties (that's File from
xplorer's menu, not from your printer's right-click menu). You'll be
able to create a new paper format.

Man, this is obvious, huh??? 🙁

I don’t know what idiot at Microsoft hid the setting at that place. Hey, buddy, if you’re listening — what kind of drugs have you been consuming when you did that???

Update: Even tho I now have a custom paper format, OpenOffice still doesn’t print the way we want. 🙁 I’m not even sure that we aren’t running across a bug in OpenOffice… Anyway, we’re now fed up fiddling around with paper sizes and such — we are now using the next larger built-in paper format together with manually adjusted margins, so that the page contents are placed where we need them.

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